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This Blog is Moving

October 12, 2011

This blog has moved from the current wordpress hosting and become a subdomain of my website. The new location is I am expecting bigger and better things from it in the future, so stay tuned. If you currently subscribe to the blog, or have it bookmarked, please update the address. I wouldn’t want you to miss anything exciting…

Better still, subscribe to receive blog updates via email, and you will never miss any news. See the sidebar at the new blog to subscribe…


Ballarat International Foto Biennale

August 21, 2011

I am in Ballarat.
The opening of BIFB on Saturday night launched me into a new mindset and I mingled with photographers and those interested in photography.
Today I have been participating in the Portfolio Reviews, and I showed my work to five different reviewers. From each one I took away new information or feedback, which is all very helpful. Tomorrow I will be meeting five more reviewers, and getting more excited about the possibilities for my journey as a photographer.
After the reviews ar eover I hope to have time to take in some of the dozens of exhibiitions on show around Ballarat for the bIennale. And maybe I will have a chance to get out and about with my camera…

Blue Lily Photo Shoot

April 6, 2011

The children running towards Wendy

Last Saturday I took my children to Kings Park in Perth to meet “Blue Lily Photography”. I have been following Wendy and Tyler’s blog for some time, ever since I saw these photos Wendy Whitacre took of the Nielson family in the NieNie Dialogues in 2008. When I discovered that Wendy was coming to Perth (from California, USA) I was very excited and booked my spot right away. It was meant to be a family photo shoot, but Roger wasn’t available on Saturday, so it was just me, with Sophie, Bonnie, Odette and Hugh. I wanted some photos of me taking photos of the kids, because I do that all the time, but it is not something that I can take photos of myself.

I must say that being on the other side of the camera was not such a daunting experience. Although I did have my camera (security blanket) with me for some of the time. That is how I managed to take these photos of Wendy taking photos of my kids!

Wendy Blue Lily Photographing my kids

Kids on the ground

I am sure Wendy’s photos will be far superior to the snaps I managed to take during the proceedings, but I had to post some pictures from the other side..

The children meeting Wendy

Thank you Wendy for taking our photos, and we were thrilled to be able to meet you and your gorgeous family.


March 24, 2011

Sophie will turn thirteen tomorrow. My eldest daughter a teenager!

Are all parents surprised when they look at their child and see a teenager where there was once a baby? I am amazed how she has grown so quickly – well thirteen years seems to have gone very quickly. I didn’t even have a digital camera when Sophie was born! So the only photos of her when she was a baby are in albums somewhere. In fact some of them are not in albums any more because when she was little she took them out and they got ruined. Does anyone ever reprint old photos from negatives? I don’t even know if the negatives still exist, and I am pretty sure that I couldn’t find them if I wanted a reprint now. Actually I am quite fond of Sophie’s baby photos, not just because she was a very beautiful baby, but because I look really young and slim in them too!

In honour of Sophie’s birthday I have made a “magazine cover” featuring her as the cover girl. It is something I have been doing for years, to celebrate special occasions. I choose a magazine title that references the occasion, and choose appropriate short headlines for the cover. They usually get printed to A3 size, and laminated.

If you have a good editing program on your computer you could try this too…

Sophie as a cover girl on TEENAGE magazine

Cover Girl

Summer Family Portrait Photography

January 12, 2011
South Family Photo

South Family Photo

The South family have had a family portrait voucher since last Christmas, so it was about time I got them organised for a family photo shoot on their family farm. With the eldest son away at boarding school it is not so easy to get the family together for photos during term time, so the summer holidays seemed the perfect time to get some great family photos at home.

Jen in the pool

Little mermaid

Dan in the pool

Dan in the pool

I have recently bought a cheap underwater camera, and this was the first time I had used it. After finishing the photo shoot I got into my bathers and got into the pool. The Souths have a lovely big swimming pool on their farm and the children were mostly fun to photograph, except when the water gun fights got too serious and I had to coax one back into the water.

Underwater composition

Fun in the swimming pool, with supervision

Actually I think I had more fun in the pool than the kids did, although Jen was more than happy to pose for me!

Jen underwater

Jen underwater

Using the camera was not easy. I couldn’t see a thing on the screen when I was underwater, even when I was wearing goggles. So I just pointed in the general direction and hoped that I got something in the frame. Maybe it was the auto focus with moving subjects underwater that meant that sometimes even when I held my finger on the shutter I didn’t get a photo. That is something I can practice with when we head off on our own summer holiday to Bremer Bay on Thursday…

More Sports Carnival Photos

September 16, 2010
boys cheering for red faction

Go Red!!

bonnie finishing the 200 metres

Bonnie's 200 metres

year one boys running race

Year One boys

bean bag relay

Odette's Bean Bag Relay

The starting pistol

sack race

Sack Race

photo of carina catching the ball during the passball event


School Sports

September 15, 2010

The school athletics carnival was a great opportunity to get some action shots. I tried to take photos of each of the children. Some I tried extra hard because their parents were not there to watch them. Nicole appreciated the photos of her children. She said of the photos:
“I love them, thank you. Even though I was not there I feel I can see part of their day now.”