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Summer Family Portrait Photography

January 12, 2011
South Family Photo

South Family Photo

The South family have had a family portrait voucher since last Christmas, so it was about time I got them organised for a family photo shoot on their family farm. With the eldest son away at boarding school it is not so easy to get the family together for photos during term time, so the summer holidays seemed the perfect time to get some great family photos at home.

Jen in the pool

Little mermaid

Dan in the pool

Dan in the pool

I have recently bought a cheap underwater camera, and this was the first time I had used it. After finishing the photo shoot I got into my bathers and got into the pool. The Souths have a lovely big swimming pool on their farm and the children were mostly fun to photograph, except when the water gun fights got too serious and I had to coax one back into the water.

Underwater composition

Fun in the swimming pool, with supervision

Actually I think I had more fun in the pool than the kids did, although Jen was more than happy to pose for me!

Jen underwater

Jen underwater

Using the camera was not easy. I couldn’t see a thing on the screen when I was underwater, even when I was wearing goggles. So I just pointed in the general direction and hoped that I got something in the frame. Maybe it was the auto focus with moving subjects underwater that meant that sometimes even when I held my finger on the shutter I didn’t get a photo. That is something I can practice with when we head off on our own summer holiday to Bremer Bay on Thursday…

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