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March 24, 2011

Sophie will turn thirteen tomorrow. My eldest daughter a teenager!

Are all parents surprised when they look at their child and see a teenager where there was once a baby? I am amazed how she has grown so quickly – well thirteen years seems to have gone very quickly. I didn’t even have a digital camera when Sophie was born! So the only photos of her when she was a baby are in albums somewhere. In fact some of them are not in albums any more because when she was little she took them out and they got ruined. Does anyone ever reprint old photos from negatives? I don’t even know if the negatives still exist, and I am pretty sure that I couldn’t find them if I wanted a reprint now. Actually I am quite fond of Sophie’s baby photos, not just because she was a very beautiful baby, but because I look really young and slim in them too!

In honour of Sophie’s birthday I have made a “magazine cover” featuring her as the cover girl. It is something I have been doing for years, to celebrate special occasions. I choose a magazine title that references the occasion, and choose appropriate short headlines for the cover. They usually get printed to A3 size, and laminated.

If you have a good editing program on your computer you could try this too…

Sophie as a cover girl on TEENAGE magazine

Cover Girl

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