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Blue Lily Photo Shoot

April 6, 2011

The children running towards Wendy

Last Saturday I took my children to Kings Park in Perth to meet “Blue Lily Photography”. I have been following Wendy and Tyler’s blog for some time, ever since I saw these photos Wendy Whitacre took of the Nielson family in the NieNie Dialogues in 2008. When I discovered that Wendy was coming to Perth (from California, USA) I was very excited and booked my spot right away. It was meant to be a family photo shoot, but Roger wasn’t available on Saturday, so it was just me, with Sophie, Bonnie, Odette and Hugh. I wanted some photos of me taking photos of the kids, because I do that all the time, but it is not something that I can take photos of myself.

I must say that being on the other side of the camera was not such a daunting experience. Although I did have my camera (security blanket) with me for some of the time. That is how I managed to take these photos of Wendy taking photos of my kids!

Wendy Blue Lily Photographing my kids

Kids on the ground

I am sure Wendy’s photos will be far superior to the snaps I managed to take during the proceedings, but I had to post some pictures from the other side..

The children meeting Wendy

Thank you Wendy for taking our photos, and we were thrilled to be able to meet you and your gorgeous family.

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