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Hi I am Caroline Telfer, and as a photographer I am Anita Jean Photography.

Anita Jean Photography is based in Darkan, a small town in Western Australia’s south-west.

At 37 Burrowes Street (the main commercial street in Darkan) there is a small cottage that at one time was a bakery and then a residence, and which is now a photography studio. The facade of the building is old and shabby. The garden is messy and untrimmed, but this is no indication of what is inside.

I love to photograph people, and studio photography is very popular, but I also like to photograph people in their own environments. Children are often more comfortable when they are having their photos taken in their own home, or a park they go to regularly. And having a child with his own bike, her own doll’s house or in their bedroom will enhance the memories for the future.

Usually if a family books a home or farm portrait session I’ll let them come into the studio at a convenient time and have some studio portraits done too, at no extra cost.

For adults, it is not often that we are photographed in our working environment, though it is where we spend a large percentage of our lives, and a part of our life that can define who we are. So being photographed in your shop, your surgery, your studio, your laboratory, on your farm, or wherever your workplace is, is a great idea.

One of my newer products is a Farm Album, which includes family portraits, landscapes, machinery and equipment, and farm animals – all photographed on the farm and made into a photo book as a valuable record of a family and farm at a particular point in time.

You can view my portrait portfolio at

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