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4th Annual Photography Masters Cup – Winner

August 17, 2010
Winner of 4th Winner of Annual Photography Masters Cup Color Awards: Architecture (amateur)

de la rue

I received an email today notifying me that I had won an award. I thought it was a hoax, because I couldn’t remembering entering the award. But it seems I did in fact enter; it was just so long ago that I thought it was last year’s competition.

My photo “de la rue” (taken in Sainte Marie d’Alloix in 2008) was the winner of the Architecture (amateur) section of the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup, also known as the “International Color Awards”. Two other photos received nominations, but no honours. They are “Dave” (portraits) and “Plateau Sportif” (people).

I must admit I did feel a little bit pleased with myself, and it is motivation to keep on trying, and entering awards. Sometimes I print out entry forms but don’t get around to entering but, as they say in the classics: “You have to be in it to win it!”

Portrait of Dave, nominee in 4th Annual Masters Cup Color Awards


Photo of children playing, nominee in the People section of the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup Color Awards

Plateau Sportif

Below is a copy of the press release for the Award.


LONDON (17 August 2010) – Photographer Caroline Telfer of Darkan, Western Australia, was presented with the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup Outstanding Achievement (Amateur) Award in the category of Architecture at a prestigious Nomination & Winners Photo Show attended by over
40,000 online viewers who logged on live from 154 countries to see the climax of the industry’s most important event for colour photography.
The award’s international Jury included captains of the industry ranging from Christie’s in New York, National Geographic Channel, Fox Broadcasting Company, Amsterdam Worldwide, Kodak USA to Esquire in London who honoured Color Masters with 235 coveted title awards in 31 categories.
The judges reviewed thousands of images submitted from every corner of the globe online for eight weeks before making their final nominations and Caroline’s “de la rue”, an exceptional image entered in the Architecture category, received a high percentage of votes overall.
“The Masters Cup celebrates photographers who operate at the highest levels of their craft,” said Basil O’Brien, the awards Creative Director.
“Caroline’s work represents contemporary colour photography at its finest, and we’re pleased to present her with the Outstanding Achievement Award.”
See the 4th Annual Winners at
INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP is the leading international award honouring excellence in colour photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honours the finest images with the highest achievements in colour photography.


Amy and the Hula Hoop – Studio photography

August 4, 2010

I have wanted to photograph Amy with a hula hoop ever since she beat me in the hula hoop competition at the Lions Family Fun Day at Duranillin last year. It was not surprising that she beat me, because everybody beat me – I couldn’t get that damned hoop to spin! Amy just rocked back and forth a bit and the hoop went spinning around in a blur. The judges had to ask her to stop, or she would have kept it up all day!!

So Amy came into the studio, with a very flash pink and white hula hoop, and she even had clothes to match! We tried a few different outfits, as you will see from the photos.

Composite image of amy in fove poses with hula hoop

Hula Hoop Amy

portrait of Amy looking at camera with chin in hand

3/4 portrait of Amy

Beautiful Brown eyes.

Happy Birthday Brenna!

August 4, 2010

Brenna turned one last week, so she came into the studio for her cake smash session yesterday. She was not very interested in the cake unfortunately, but we managed to make up a storyboard for her first birthday.

Storyboard of Brenna

Happy Birthday Brenna!

Javier – Baby Photography

July 27, 2010

When Suzi rang up last week I had a strange sensation. Straight away I thought that there must be a problem with Odette at school, because Suzi is Odette’s teacher. But then I remembered that Suzi was Odette’s teacher until last term, when she left to have her baby. So now Suzi has a much more important job than teaching 23 children – she now has to raise her own precious son!

photo of Baby Javier

Baby Javier

Javier was born by caesarean section on the 15th of July, so he was eleven days old by the time I got to photograph him. I didn’t get many really soft and squishy sleepy baby photos because he was so alert, but when I did get one I put him on the floor with weights, as a bit of a contrast.

The photos were taken at home, not in the studio, but I took one of the portable studio flashes to add light. I know some people swear by natural light photography, and I used to do that too, but now I prefer a little electronic help.

Because Javier’s parents are merino sheep breeders, they wanted a photo of Javier in one of their best fleeces – one that they have kept for the show. It was a very comfortable pose for the little baby, and he made himself right at home. I don’t know if the judges will notice the soiling of the fleece, and if so I hope it doesn’t affect the score!

photo of Javier supported by Mum.

Javier and Mum

photo of Javier in the prize merino fleece

Merino comfort

photo of Javier asleep, with weights


Mamoona – baby photography

June 30, 2010

I know Monique has been waiting for me to put these photos up. They were taken last week on Mamoona’s seventh day. Last time I photographed Monique her baby was still inside (see here).

I had been led to believe that a baby so young would sleep at some stage and allow me to take some absolutely gorgeous photos of her. Well Mamoon fought that idea all the way! I forgot how productive babies can be out of every orifice! While we were taking the photos Mamoona’s daddy had an impromtu shower, and exclaimed that she had peed in his belly-button. I said that when she is 17 he should remember that, and wish it would be the worst thing she ever did…

As you can say we did eventually get some gorgeous photos.

Absolutely Gorgeous Brenna – Baby Photography

June 28, 2010

Brenna is the most gorgeous girl, and we had so much fun in the studio. She isn’t walking yet, and her Mum wanted to capture her cute chubbiness before she grows any more.  I am still singing “Dance dino, dance dino, stomp stomp stomp!” which appears to be Brenna’s favourite song.

Brenna’s Mum brought along a cute headband and some strings of beads for accessories, which look stunning in the photos. We also used one of the little knitted hats I have been making at home. And finally the mirror! Brenna spent ages investigationg the mirror, kissing her reflection, and then searching for the gorgeous girl she could see behind the glass.

Thanks for coming in to the studio Brenna! Your Mum and Dad are just going to love your photos!

Monique at 37 weeks: Pregnancy photos

June 11, 2010

Monique is blossoming as her belly grows and she gets ready to welcome her first baby. Dave was a good sport and was a pretty good model considering he had to be dragged along to the photo shoot. We had a lot of fun in the studio last Saturday (well I did! I hope it was fun for Monique and Dave too!) Then we went out onto the street and in the park and took a few more casual shots. I like the funny one of Dave exercising Monique on the exercise equipment.

And can you guess what sex the baby is?? Pink is a bit of a clue… I can’t wait to get the little bubba in front of my camera when she arrives next week. Good luck with the delivery Monique.